Bitesized Online Learning - Mindfulness Learning Videos


1. Introduction to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness has been described as a particular way of attending to the world. A way which is non-judgmental, that experiences rather than seeks to change, and that focusses on the present moment rather than the past or the future. There is nothing special, or mysterious, just a series of simple techniques some of which are introduced in the accompanying videos.

 Breathing Meditation

In this meditation you will focus on the experience of your body breathing. Your body breathes all on its own, and there is no need to change anything. But when you bring your attention to your breath, you bring yourself into the present moment. Just being in the moment, and noticing what happens, is all you need to do.

2. Mindfulness on thoughts and emotions

Watching your thoughts and emotions appear, to compete for your attention, and then fade away acts as a reminder that you are not your thoughts and emotions.  Thoughts and emotions can be very powerful, and may carry you away with them, but they are just things that happen.  You may fight against them or try and hold onto them, but in this meditation you will simply let them be, allowing them to act as they will, and perhaps notice what happens when you do this.

3. Body  Scan

A great way to bring yourself into the moment is to notice what is going on in your body. You might also find there are ‘triggers’ that signal you are stressed, or worried, or anxious, and that these appear as sensations in particular parts of your body. You do not need to follow the instructions on the recording, and can simply choose which part of your body to attend to, or allow your attention to wander where it will, or whatever strikes you as useful. There is no need to seek out strong sensations, or relaxing ones. Remember that the point is to simply experience what is going on in your body at this moment, with no need to change.

4. Three step breathing space

In this meditation you will practice a simple technique which you can use anywhere and at any time you feel the need to centre yourself, calm yourself, or make a difficult decision. You will start by allowing yourself to experience everything which is present for you in this moment. This is followed by a ‘narrowing’ of your attention onto your breath (you might find that practising the breathing