Blogs related to refugees:

IENE 6 Blog  

The blog of the medical humanitarian NGO “Doctors of the World – Greece”

It contains narrations, photo stories and testimonies from the people residing or working in the refugee camps of Greece, and in the same time it chronicles the daily presence of the organization in its areas of action.

 People who fled their homes and countries, doctors who work tirelessly in an effort to provide the medical care to those in need, and glimpses of the everyday life in these conditions compose a mosaic of the human life in this blog.

Helps refugee children in Syria - World Vision Romania
Collecting funds to help refugee children

Assistance for Refugee Relocations - AIDRom Organization
Facilitating integration and developing skills for an independent life of refugees

Projects for Refugees - Save the Children's Organisation
Assistance to Asylum Seekers and Refugee Children, funded by Save the Children UK.
Improving the situation of asylum seekers in Romania, implemented as a partner of JRS Romania, funded by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Projects for Refugees - JRS Romania
At present, JRS Romania has a number of 9 projects.