IENE 8 National seminar-webinar in Greece

Organizer: NKUA and MDM
Place: Virtual
Date: 31st March 2021

The aims of the webinar were to:

  • disseminate the outputs of the project , as for example the new curriculum, the good practices, the real life stories and the bite-size learning units.
  • provide a hands-on experience of using the Khub, as efficient tools for training
  • raise awareness about providing  culturally competent and compassionate care taking into consideration parenting and psychological needs for migrant and refugee families
  • motivate professionals and volunteers to integrate the project outcomes in activities and interventions when caring for migrant or refugee families
  • share experience  about training activities that can be done  using the project results
  • exchange ideas and setting goals on ensuring the sustainability of the project and to maximize the positive impact of the project on refugee and immigrant parents



Potentional participants were informed about the event on the webpage of the Nursing Department of NKUA and the Social Media of MDM Greece (facebook, linkedin, twitter).  Additionally, informative emails were sent to key persons/stakeholders asking them to further promote the event to potential participants. The relevant links:


Participants - Platform

The webinar was attended by 102 participants: nurses, teachers, students and employees at a NGO.  Nurses come from different settings throughout Greece (health care centers, hospitals, schools etc). We used the e-Presence platform (Zoom).

The agenda of the webinar included:

  • Introduction to IENE projects focusing on IENE 8
  • Presentation of the IENE 8 activities and outputs including the:
    • results of the Mapping of local and international literature  
    • innovative curriculum for nurses and other health professionals and volunteers
    • engagement activities (good practices) for nurses and other health professionals and volunteers 
    •  bite-size learning units for parents which are freely available to Khub
  • Presentation of the Khub and of the real life stories presented there
  • Discussion on ways to use the project results, to ensure its sustainability and to estimate its impact on immigrant and refugee parents




The participants were asked to answer an online questionnaire to evaluate the national event itself and the impact of the project outcomes expected.  In total 102 questionnaires were completed. The evaluations were mostly positive. Based on the evaluations it seems that the topics were thoroughly analysed and each presenter devoted the appropriate time to further explain the outputs of IENE8. It has been suggested the outcomes of the project to be appropriately adapted and included in nursing bachelor curriculums to ensure their sustainability. The importance of this topic for health care professionals was underlined. Mainly those working close to immigrants and refugees in the community need to be well educated on these issues, gain relevant competencies and be appropriately supported. Seminars adopting the outcomes of this project have to be organized regularly, to be longer (less intensive) and to include more videos, images and stories which are very enlightening about the difficulties that these families face and how health professionals can help them to cope.



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