Training Summary

This section offers training for healthcare workers, volunteers, migrants and refugees  in accessing, using and contributing to the various aspects of the Knowledge Hub .

How to use and get involved in  the Knowledge Hub?  offers basic guides in navigating the range of services and applications available through the KHub to those who wish to know more about the service:

- How to navigate the KHub platform to access the information they want
- How to use tools provided through the KHub
- How to access and contribute to social media discussions
- How to contribute with personal narratives to the KHub
- How to use the mobile phone apps to access the KHUB

Webinars covers all aspects of using and interacting with the KHub and ways to contribute material to the platform.

Bitesized Online Learning makes available to healthcare workers/volunteers and migrants/refugees online resources that can be accessed as and when they are required  on some topics:

Intercultural communications

Culturally Competent Psychological Compassion

Cultural Knowledge

Mindfulness Learning Videos