IENE 8 Second transnational project meeting

London, 13th-14th May, 2019

The partners reviewed the minutes of the first meeting in Limassol and discussed the recent GDPR, EU data protection regulation. As a result, it was decided to add a disclaimer in the online KHub. Other changes were agreed around the KHub, mainly in order to differentiate IENE 8 KHubfrom IENE 6 one.

Based on the literature review (IO 1), the Curriculum Model(IO 2.1) and the Curriculum Content Map (IO 2.2) were presented and discussed (see below). Each partner chose to cover three out of overall 20 bite-sized learning units stemming from IO 2.2., for which a template was established.Crucially, it was also agreed to reduce to one day only (for a total of eight hours) the face-to-face part of the training which will be of20 hours, with six hours pre- and post-training.

Finally, template and timeline for the collection of stories was also established (IO 5).

The consortium discussed and planned dissemination activities and financial issues. All deliverableswere discussed and a timeline with agreed deadlines was established and circulated covering each partner’s tasks up to January 2020.